Kvasir Vanir

Digital Artist


Midnight Siren digital painting
Midnight Siren digital painting

Midnight Siren

A beautiful siren is captured in the initial moments of luring her next victim.

"Shock and Horror" digital painting
"Shock and Horror" digital painting

Shock and Horror

An experimental work that highlights the transference of the emotions of shock and horror to a physical manifestation of a facial expression.

Encroaching Madness

In the depths of the darkness in one's mind, the last vestiges of logic and reason fight for their existence as the encroaching madness destroy them, in a beautiful chaotic ballet.

Humanity's Rage

Logic and reason are perpetually distorted by humanity's instinctual rage, destruction and devastation are always the results in the end.

Timeless Illumination

In an unknown place that is almost completely enveloped by darkness, one enigmatic machine keeps the encroaching darkness at bay.

Water Dreams

Does the earth dream? When the ground is unable to sustain the life that it did. When it lies there cracked and desiccated, does it dream of water? Kvasir Vanir pondered these very thoughts when he created “Water Dreams.”  

Life Meets Life

“Life Meets Life” was created by Kvasir Vanir to capture the moment that an inorganic sentient lifeform begins to question her existence and place in the universe. She dreams of meeting a classical lifeform represented by a butterfly, in the hope to understand more about herself and the world around her. In the end, she meets her spiritual guide which is physically represented as a butterfly that has transcended its own reality and has become one with the universe.

Emotional Memories Artwork
Emotional Memories Artwork

Emotional Memories

“Emotional Memories” was created by Kvasir Vanir as he imagined how emotional memories are stored in our minds. He uses abstract shapes and vivid colors to represent the different memories of emotions that he has stored in his mind. Vanir also included a shape with his prior work “The Courtship” displayed on it as a reference to an important emotional memory of his own life to exemplify these spatial relationships.

Freedom of Thought

“Freedom of Thought” was created by the digital artist Kvasir Vanir to express his deep belief in the idea that people should be allowed to be free thinkers. He feels that no one should have their ideas, thoughts, and art unduly stifled by society’s incessant need for total intellectual and artistic conformity.

"The Courtship" is an abstract composition of two courting roses. The artwork explores a unique use of abstract shapes and color to depict the act of two roses falling in love.  This work was created by Kvasir Vanir during a time in his life when he felt lonely and disconnected from the joys in life.

The Courtship

DJ Retro" is a fun and colorful piece of artwork that uses elements of technology of a bygone era to firmly ground the piece at a specific point in time. This piece was originally created by Kvasir in the early 2010s as a fun representation of the time and has since been updated with some modern-day flair.

DJ Retro